If you’re new, welcome to my blog.

For those of you who already know and love me 😁, thank you for coming along to check out the new blog.

The old blog needed a face lift, and I finally decided to forego the advantages of being able to tweak my own html in the “classic Blogger” template, for the superior aesthetics and modular ease of a “new Blogger” theme. Why yes, I am a nerd. Thank you for noticing.

I’m also a card reader, as the title of this blog would suggest.

Believe me, I really did try to come up with a catchy title that conveyed my love of all things cartomantic (with geomancy and runes thrown in for good measure), while at the same time not sounding completely naff.

In the end, I had to sit down and ask myself what it was I actually wanted to get across to a potential reader. What did I want them to know about me?

Well, what is there to know? I read cards.

And there you have it.

Beyond that, I make no promises. This is just my blog.

I’ll talk about tarot, playing cards, oracles, Lenormand, sibillas, Kippers… you name it. I’ll discuss reading styles and methods. I’ll share my thoughts and ideas, as well as links to other people’s posts and videos that I’ve found useful and/or informative. There might be spirit guides, crystals, magick, incense, strange synchronicities, random woo-woo shit (oh yeah, and a bit of swearing). I may post regularly for weeks at a time, or I may not post for months.

So, we good? Excellent. I hope to see you around.


  1. Did I find the person that I was corresponding with on the cartomancy blog about the German method of fortunetelling with 32 cards? We were talking about our Omas.

    1. Hi Pauline! Yep, it's me. 😃 Nice to hear from you again. How are you?