Friday 26 November 2021

Spread - "Doing the Thing" by Shonna Hill (Ace of Stars Tarot)

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I have been resisting working with my cards. I'd like to know why and how I can push through the resistance.

Eva's Tarot (Таро Евы) by Eva Aus

What am I trying to do? I know what I'm trying to do, so I see this card as my motivation - 

4 of Coins: I'm trying to grasp what's precious to me. My connection with the cards - hold it, feel it, claim it. Grandfather clock: time is my most precious commodity, and I always feel it slipping away.

What am I afraid of?

Knight of Swords: Being too analytical, too cerebral in my approach. All I'm doing lately is translating LWBs, collating meanings and thinking about reading. I'm not actually doing any reading.

How am I resisting?

4 of Cups: I'm doing nothing. Just sitting around feeling dissatisfied, distracted, frustrated. I contemplate but do nothing.

What attitude will help me get started?

4 of Wands: Celebrate where I am now, even if there's more to be done. Enjoyment, appreciation. Take a break from the mental and spend some time on spiritual. 4 + Wands: stable action. 

What first step can I take? 

Ace of Wands: Start the Thing!

What do I have to look forward to?

5 of Cups: Oh!? Isolation? Loss? 5 + Coins: disrupted habits. Moving from 4 coins to 5 coins is progress, I guess. Maybe I'm trying to hang onto outmoded forms/ideas and progress means the loss of those things. She is praying: connecting with Spirit.

Interesting that the two "action" positions are both Wands.


  1. Hello Judy,
    that 5 coins perplexed me, but having had a closer look at the card in the deck, I do doubt you would have seen the 5 of coins of RWS in that position, had you used that deck - here, it much more underlines the progress from 4 to 5, passivity left behind (4) in search of connection to that dear to the soul (this particular 5c). That person does look serene, the isolation a necessity for intimacy with the absolute.
    In my case, the image, if present, tends to overwrite the symbolism of the pips, even more so if they are illustrated less striking.
    Did you ever notice a similar dynamic in your readings?


    1. Hello TS,

      I agree with your assessment of last card. I felt much the same thing, I can also see in the 4 of Coins a cohort of my guides waiting to engage with me and the final triangle of cards is very symbolic of this “intimacy”, as you described it. I didn't bother to articulate all of this because the post is really just for me. A pure "blog" (with the spread shared because it would be rude not to).

      I do take into account the particular images of a deck. Not always to the point of 'overwriting' the accepted meaning, but sometimes Spirit insists I do so. And I'm using this deck deliberately because the imagery speaks to me as a close friend would.


  2. Thank you for the reply, Judy.
    It made another question surface:
    How exactly does "Spirit insists" manifest for you?
    I put it in relation with the "it has to be this", and henceforth, every other idea just feels wrong, off trail.
    For me, it manifests visually. The card glows faintly, or looses that glow. However that may sound, it is essentially the same as 'this' and 'off trail'.
    Does your resoluteness of Spirit belong to the same tree?

    If you do not feel like playing Holmes on spiritual matters, that is alright for me, too.

    1. I don’t mind it, TS, and it helps me to develop a clearer sense of what it is I actually do believe/experience, but I do find it hard work.

      “Spirit insists” was a bit of hyperbole, really. This still isn’t fully fleshed out, but essentially –

      The information I get from the cards comes from three sources: knowledge, experience and intuition.

      Knowledge is what I have learned about the possible meanings associated with each card.
      8♦ means Business news: a change, an opportunity, transaction (Kapherus: “money coming and going”)

      Experience is what I can see for myself based on how the cards are interacting or how they have ‘spoken’ in the past.
      8♦ can sometimes act as a ‘bridge’ between two cards, e.g. card 1 - 8♦ - card 3: card 1 “brings xyz” to card 3

      Pretty basic stuff so far. Here’s where it gets interesting.

      Intuition, at least as I define it and experience it, is the voice of spirit. Information beyond that which is available through my own knowledge and experience. Information from outside of what I perceive as “Me”.

      It manifests simply as a ‘knowing’. The card is merely a trigger for information I am presented with. Less a thought “it has to be this” and more an awareness “it is this”. In “psychic” terms it might be described as claircognizance.

      I’ve had enough personal ‘encounters’ with the source of this information to understand this ‘knowing’, not as my having gained access to the Akashic Records, but as being assisted by Intelligences that, for reasons entirely unclear to me, take an interest in my work.

      So much left unsaid, or said badly, but…

    2. serves the progress well enough!
      Thank you for your hard work.
      Apart from providing a clear set (knowledge, experience, intuition), you did define it, which is akin to providing a map.
      I compliment you on the clarity in your choice of words, especially the intuition part.
      I do get your sentiment concerning "...left unsaid or badly...", as it IS hard to put it into words. That not many of them (words) are needed in the end does not make it any easier.
      "it is this" - now, that does indeed feel like the same tree.
      Also, the impression solidified, that this is a tree where a bunch of people are needed to encompass it.
      Or rather, as that somehow does not seem the right choice of words ("isn't that tree rather encompassing us?" and so forth), 'write the growth record', or something.
      "To me, when I touched the bark, it felt like..."
      "...wait, like [...]?"
      "Not entirely, but yes"
      Thank you for sharing!

  3. What a great spread! Thank you for sharing!