Sunday, 15 November 2020

Random Reading - #96

I pulled these cards* out for a reading yesterday, and since they're out… 

Marigold - "Do not despair, your desire will eventually be fulfilled"
Wild Carnation - "I am sick with love for you"
Bird Cherry - "How happy you have made me!"

⁛ Something you have your heart set on will be delayed, causing much distress. Give it time - it will come good in the end, much to your joy and relief. ⁛ 

If you'd like a quick message from this or one of my other "flower" decks (turns out I have 8 😱) check out this post in my Facebook group "Judy Reads Cards – for free!". 

Оракул Селам или Язык Цветов / Selam or the Language of Flowers Oracle, by Vladimir Sitnikov and Natalia Plakhina, published by Silhouette, 2016.

Sunday, 25 October 2020

Random Reading - #95

A recent conversation in the Cult of Tarot forum had me pulling out my German reprint of an old Russian pasyans, or patience/solitaire fortune telling deck*. Variations on the theme have been around since the early 19th century, but this design is from the Soviet era. You can see an original set in my friend Dmitry’s Instagram post, as well as a bit more history. 

On the first pass there were three matching symbols – Lightning, Candle and Comb

But there was a 4th symbol – Horseshoe – that could be formed by turning the two cards that had previously made Lightning and Comb, thereby "breaking" those symbols. 

⁛ Something unexpected will happen that will disrupt your sense of calm and balance, and cause you to lose hope. But a successful solution will be found, and happiness will be restored. ⁛

One can go even deeper by looking for half-symbols that would match were they not separated by another card, and interpret them based on the "brokenness" of the symbol, with details provided by the symbols on the separating card. 

*Das russische Patience-Orakel, “The Russian Patience Oracle”, published by Ayfaar-Buchverlag. The company has a website with a “Buy Now” button which takes you to eBay, but no product is found. 😕 My copy was purchased from a private seller three years ago.

Sunday, 18 October 2020

Random Reading - #94

The lovely Dee of DeeVination sent me a set of Spirit Halloween Tarot Cards*, just in time for the “month of Halloween”, as I think of it. 😉 

⁛ Someone feels trapped in an endless cycle of uncertainty and confusion stemming from authoritarian treatment they've experienced. You are allowing "ghosts" from your past to continue to control you. Acknowledge this – and release it! Let the tide wash the conditioning away. Reclaim your independence - you *are* free to move on. ⁛

*Available in the US from Spirit Halloween stores.

Sunday, 11 October 2020

Random Reading - #93

Brought to you this week by Le Grand Oracle Celtique, "The Grand Celtic Oracle", by Alan Borvo, (Grimaud, 1989). A 72-card deck comprised of 18 "major arcana" cards, and three suits – Clover, Thistle, and Ermine – also of 18 cards each: numbers 1 to 9 and 9 court cards. 

The Mother (major) – Hero of Clover – Druid of Clover – King of Clover – 2 of Clover 

Clover is the suit of Art – creativity, imagination, feeling. This whole reading centres on creativity and renewal. And yes, just like last week, the deck *was* well shuffled. 

 ⁛ You have the opportunity of a "rebirth" this week. Deep healing - and a chance to begin again. 

 Flex your creative muscles. Dream big. You are in the best position to go it alone and get the job done. 

But don't be so focused on yourself that you neglect your obligations to others. Fulfil your responsibilities. Then no one will have cause for complaint or to feel justified in trying to bring you down again. ⁛

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Random Reading - #92

I'm feeling the need for a bit of a change from my usual Pull-3-Cards-and-Interpret shtick. I have a folder full of "Spreads To Try", so I dug through it and decided on this one, created by my friend Andrew White.

Addendum: I've since spoken to Andrew, and he doesn't believe he "created" this spread, but despite a thorough search of his library he's been unable to locate the original source. So for now, it will remain "Andy’s Spread" in my heart. 😉

I chose Tarot Mondo Lirondo* for this reading because they're small and don't take up much room, and they're just so darn cute.

The start of the week:
Devil – Hanged Man – Judgement
You'll find yourself embroiled in a situation over which you have little or no control, waiting on someone else to make a decision.

How to navigate the week:
High Priestess
Be patient and maintain a discrete silence. Don't get involved.

The result if card 4 is applied:
Star – Moon – Sun
😳 Yes, the deck was well shuffled!
You can be confident that despite the uncertainty, everything will turn out okay. Probably considerably better than "okay", if XVII, XVIII and XVIIII showing up in order like that is anything to go by.

*Tarot Mondo Lirondo - Iván Saiz Gutiérrez, self-published 2011. Available from Museo del Tarot.

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Random Reading - #91

Kept seeing references to the Deck of 1000 Spreads this week, so you know what that means.

(I picked the "spread" cards today rather than going for a random selection; maybe I'll go random next time)

Situation – You're seeking answers in order to be able to proceed effectively with something you're involved in or concerned about.

Underlying Influences – The information you have so far is either incomplete or incorrect. Don't act on it yet.

What to Know – Go to a trusted and/or authoritative source to get the facts before coming to any conclusions or decisions.

Bottom card of the deck – Your understanding of the situation will change as a result.

Deck of 1000 Spreads (OOP, sorry!), by Tierney Sadler, published by Llewellyn (2013)
Tarot de Jacques Vieville “Double Trumps” edition, published by LeTarot (2012)

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Random Reading - #90

Somewhere in my recent internet travels, I came across a mention of this book –

La Cartomancie - L'art de découvrir l'avenir par les cartes et les tarots
par Mme Zezina
"Cartomancy -  The art of discovering the future through cards and tarot
by Madame Zezina"

Originally published by Bornemann, Paris, in the 30s or 40s, this one is a 1970 edition printed in 1984. 

The book appeared to contain some interesting spreads, and while I'm not generally one for using spreads with playing cards, it was cheap enough 😏 so I thought I'd get it just to check them out and maybe give some a go. 

And so, here is L'Etoile, The Star. With the seeker's significator in the centre (I've used both my male and female significators for this reading) the positions are 1 | top: thoughts/hopes; 2 | left: immediate future; 3 | right: later future; 4 | bottom: surprise, the unexpected. 

⁛ Your thoughts revolve around dealings with a professional person – a doctor, solicitor, someone in an official capacity.

Your immediate future looks to be improving materially and/or physically, and we can relate this improvement to whatever official business is on your mind. And we see this increase from 9 to 10 going forward - definite profit or benefit for you; things really looking up. 

There will be some unexpected event involving your home or family. Seeing as this reading is quite positive, I have no reason to feel this will be a "bad" surprise. And again, it will be related in some way to the above.

The author's instructions tell us to also look for cards of the same value, of which there are none this time, and to read for the combinations formed by positions 2 and 3 with the significator (not only are there combination meanings for cards to the left or right of a particular suit or card, but also for ones before, after or between certain pairs of cards!).

9 to the left of a = broken engagement
10 to the right of a = honeymoon

Kind of an odd combo, and bear in mind that these are based on the author's core meanings, not mine, but I suggest that something which has been negatively anticipated will be cancelled, resulting in a period of contentment and happiness. ⁛

And there you go. It was fun to work within the constraints of a more structured reading for a change. It did rather stifle any intuition regarding what exactly it's all about, but whatever it is 😁 it's going to turn out well. 

And in case you're wondering, “les tarots” referred to in the book's title is specifically the Grand Etteilla (I). If you click on the book picture and zoom in, you can see some of the trump cards from that deck. This is also of interest to me because the same Etteilla meanings apply to my Book of Thoth Etteilla (III) and, just as with the playing cards, the author gives many examples of combination meanings based on whether a card lays before or after a particular other card. Probably way too complicated for me to actually try to work with in any practical way, i.e. without having to constantly refer to the book, but I'm curious to see what they're like. Maybe one or two will be worth committing to memory. 🙂

There are tarot spreads as well, but they are way too big for me. The smallest uses 24 cards, and the largest 67! And I'm willing to bet, though I haven't translated it yet, that the remaining 11 cards don't just sit there doing nothing.

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Random Reading - #89

I used this same deck for my last RR and mentioned that the deck includes 10 "question" cards which I don't usually use. But it got me thinking that it could be interesting to see how they might add structure to a reading... And here we are. 

Question cards:
0 - How to accomplish yourself; 4 - On what you establish yourself; 8 - What you'll reap
(each card has two different phrases, one at each end)

⁛ Watch where you’re going. You’re heading straight into something that could rock your foundations and leave you disillusioned and confused.
Apply some common sense, rein in your impulsiveness, and take a balanced approach.
It’s still out of your direct control, but less damage will be done. ⁛

Tarot Numérologique, by Richard Bennett, published by France Cartes, 1986. 

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Tom Benjamin (YouTube) - The Best Beginners Deck & Other Tips For New Readers

One of my favourite traditional Quaker phrases (or QuakerSpeak, as it's teasingly referred to) is "That Friend speaks my mind". It conveys a much deeper sense of connection with what someone has just said than simply agreeing with it.

On that basis - This friend speaks my mind!

Sunday, 30 August 2020

Random Reading - nope.

(Toothache + an alarming # of painkillers) x 7 days / antibiotics x 2 days 
= See you next week