Sunday, 11 November 2018

Reading of the Week - #25

It can be worrying when you're confronted with The Tower in a reading, but the 9 of Clubs assures us that it's a positive change.

Things are about to improve dramatically for an older woman, or a woman on her own, who is currently dealing with illness or a stressful situation.

Bottom card: The Star. I said "Yes!" out loud when I turned this, LOL. 
✨ Healing and Hope. ✨ 

Pointner Tarot, aka Tarot Piatnik Wien - Piatnik
Tarot Nouveau - Grimaud

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

I was reading an article by Lisa Boswell on working with the spirits of your ancestors to improve your Tarot reading abilities and predictive skills.

I was getting along fine with it until I ran smack into this statement -
"... The spirits of your ancestors can tell you everything you need to know about the past, present, and future of your clients. Once they're on the other side, spirits know everything." [emphasis mine]

My take on that idea up to now has been "Nope". If they weren't psychic before they died, how/why would they psychic now?

On consideration, though, since I believe everything is connected in a spiritual/cosmic sense, it could be argued that once my ancestors are freed from the limitations of a physical existence, they gain unfettered access to "everything".


The only thing to do was ask my ancestors. So I pulled out my Skat cards (gotta use the ancestral method) and started pulling three cards at a time, trying to pin down an answer - "Do you guys know everything?"

I'm not going to share the actual readings because a) the process was too organic, with one question leading to another, leading to another..., and b) it was private conversation. ๐Ÿ˜

What I can report, however, is that all the (somewhat guarded) responses boiled down, in the end, to "We can tell you everything you need to know."

Which I guess is all I really need to know.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Reading of the Week - #24

Finances will soon be in place for buying that new home or starting that small business. Just double-check the paperwork.

Pointner Tarot, aka Tarot Piatnik Wien - Piatnik
Tarot Nouveau - Grimaud

Monday, 29 October 2018

Reading of the Week - #23

I struggled with this one.

Although I'm basically using my Skat meanings, I can't ignore the fact that, with this deck, all three court cards are looking directly at Death.

I wavered between a couple of interpretations for a while, and finally resorted to checking the bottom card, something I don't normally do until after I've completed the reading. The Queen confirmed my thoughts.

» A man is facing the death of his father. He thinks about the happy times but accepts that it's time for him go.

On a lighter note, is that not the swingin'est Death you've ever seen?

La Corte dei Tarocchi - Anna Maria d'Onofrio, published by il Meneghello
Russian playing cards based on popular prints by Viktor Sveshnikov

Thursday, 25 October 2018

The Tarot Lady talks "Tarot and Prediction" with Lisa Boswell

As a predictive reader myself, I had to share this podcast. So much good sense and good advice. And some good laughs, too.

Theresa, aka The Tarot Lady's, introduction -
Recently, I had someone ask me if "divination was out." Apparently, there were some well-meaning folks that wanted to spread that message because they wanted to push their own "law-of-attraction" brand of tarot reading style. I... thought it might be an interesting topic for Tarot Bytes. The only person I considered for this hot topic was Lisa Boswell, of Divination and Fortune-Telling. I knew she’d have a lot of great thoughts on this controversial topic. 
In this... episode, Lisa and I discuss skeptics, tarot readers who object to fortune-telling, the truth about accuracy, and how to sharpen your predictive skills. 
For those who claim that fortune-telling is over, Lisa Boswell busts that myth. Prediction is alive and well – and thriving.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Well, at least one of us was paying attention

Back in August, when I announced that I was going to switch from Colour Card readings to Tarot + Playing Cards for my weeklies, apparently I said this ๐Ÿ˜ -
The new spread will consist of one tarot major and three playing cards... 
I just happened to re-read that post this morning and suddenly realised that I'd completely forgotten about the 'only using majors' bit. Luckily, my cards have a better memory than I do.

Out of the 8 readings to date, only one of the tarot cards wasn't a major.
Gotta ๐Ÿ’™ it.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Reading of the Week - #22

Magician yet again.

But twice the Fante di Coppe (Page of Cups) jumped out while I was shuffling, so bearing his message in mind -

Someone you've had dealings with in the past will return. Their intentions are not honourable, but you will quickly realise this and - bottom card: La Torre - send them packing!

The two 8s - balance and resolution if you take the initiative.

La Corte dei Tarocchi - Anna Maria d'Onofrio, published by il Meneghello
Russian playing cards based on popular prints by Viktor Sveshnikov, still using my meanings, though :)