Thursday, 4 June 2020

Standing up

This is just a blog.

This is where I share my interest in cartomancy with anyone who'll listen. I don't have enough followers to call it a platform. It doesn't give me a Voice.

But in case anyone wonders where I stand...

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Random Reading - #79

Echo Gillette has declared it Halloween from now until November 1. Okay by me…

Knight of Coins – Justice – 9 of Coins – Knight of Cups – 2 of Wands

⁛ Your ability to protect those you care deeply for has been severely restricted by the realities of life. Nevertheless, you still have the capacity to provide for their needs. Move forward in love and with confidence. ⁛

The Dark Angels Tarot, which describes itself as "78 Arcana of bitter hope and dark solace", has uniquely themed meanings for each of the cards, which I've relied heavily on for this reading. Despite appearances, it is a surprisingly comforting deck.

Happy Halloween.

Dark Angels Tarot, by Luca Russo, published by Lo Scarabeo (2010)

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Random Reading - #78

I was reminded of the lovely Daughters of the Moon Tarot the other day. I don’t think I’ve ever used it for a reading here. Let’s fix that…

Nine of Pentacles - Malama
Six of Cups - Compassion     Eight of Blades rx - Hokhma-Decisions

⁛ Your comfortable situation rests on something unseen or unacknowledged. You have many to thank for your good fortune. Don’t turn a blind eye and behave as if it’s all down to your own efforts and therefore you can do as you please without reference to the needs or feelings of others. ⁛

This is one of the few decks that I will read with reversals, because when you shuffle round cards you can hardly avoid it. Also, since these images are not as iconic as the RWS images, it doesn't *bother* me to see them upside down. 🙂

Daughters of the Moon (1991), created by Ffiona Morgan with multiple illustrators, self-published. 

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Random Reading - #77

It saddens me sometimes that I haven't been able to find anyone who uses the same playing card meanings as my grandmother. Various "German" lists share some similarities, but not enough to be considered siblings. I'd love to know where Oma got her meanings from, but at the time, I was too young and foolish to think to ask.

One day last year, I spotted a listing on eBay for Diane Ahlquist's Full Moon Oracle Cards* – essentially, a set of 32 playing cards. Hello?! She'd added pictures of a few of the cards and I noticed some familiar associations. Basket! 🛒

When it arrived, I went through it card by card and found that 22 of the 32 shared at least some aspect of the meanings I had for the same cards. Considering the best prior to that was 18 with Birgit Kraheck-Liecker's meanings (from her now defunct website - here's an Internet Archive link), I was delighted!

Soooo, Ahlquist… Did Oma get her meanings from a Scandinavian source, perhaps? I really must do some investigating along those lines. But I've rambled enough – on to this week's reading.

⁛ This is for a someone who identifies as female. There will be a change that will result in some unexpected good news for you regarding your finances and/or employment. The change involves something coming to an end (A♠ is the only card read reversed in Diane's system; none in mine). Someone you would associate with the K** (Diane - “An older man with gray hair, or a middle-aged man with a light complexion and blue or green eyes”) may have changed their mind about it. As the 10♣ refers to journeys, it could be that you will be able to return to work very soon (an issue for many at the moment), or at least start to make some progress again. ⁛

< < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < ◇ > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

*Sadly, the deck is not available at the moment. This is Diane's eBay page: swfloridagirl941, if you're interested and would like to check back later.
UPDATE 26 May 2020 - She's back! Full Moon Oracle Cards by Diane Ahlquist 

**You may make a different association with the K based on your connection with the card. For me, for instance, he's not necessarily "old", but is dynamic and charismatic, and often physically attractive. And the use of the pronoun "he" is not prescriptive.

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Random Reading - #76

So far this Lockdown, I've been really good. I've bought just one tarot and one oracle. The fact that I haven't worked for over a year and hubby can't do his pin money job (or petrol money job, as he puts it) right now, has a lot to do with that, to be fair. 😏

But the Perrin Tarot (Tarocchi Perrin) is so  p r e t t y . Printed circa 1880 by C. Perrin, Torino, Italy, the artwork is very similar in style to La Vera Sibilla of roughly the same period. I really wanted this deck, so about two weeks ago I Googled around until I located the cheapest copy I could find - an Alberto Peruzzo reproduction from a seller on Amazon Italia. Things being as they are at the moment, I wasn't expecting to receive it until almost the end of the month, but it showed up this week!

So without further waffle ado…

Sun – 5 of Cups – Strength reversed – King of Coins – 6 of Cups

Firstly, I don't, as a rule, read reversals, but La Forza fell out onto my desk and ever so slowly spun itself around, so I knew I had to leave it that way. Secondly, I usually only pull three cards with tarot, but I knew (again) that I needed to pull five today.

⁛ Starting with the middle card (Strength rx), especially as it insisted on being reversed, we see a lack of agency. You have little or no control over a situation. What situation? One that is undermining your sense of well-being and happiness (5 of Cups + Sun). What to do? Don't allow yourself to become mean and unfeeling as a result; try to maintain harmonious relations with others (King of Coins + 6 of Cups). ⁛

Bottom card of the deck – High Priestess: Here's your opportunity to come up with a completely new approach.

< < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < ◇ > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

If you zoom in on the photograph, you'll see that the printing of this deck is badly out of alignment on some of the cards, notably Il Sole. That, unfortunately, is how they were originally manufactured, and this printing, unfortunately, is a faithful reproduction. 😉  But if you "soft focus" on them, they are nevertheless very pretty cards. 💗

Sunday, 19 April 2020

(not so) Random Reading - #75

Honestly, I'm feeling lazy. Is it worth doing a RR today? 😏

The Answer Deck came to mind for the deck du jour, with a "Small Pyramid" spread as described by Andy Boroveshengra.

The Lesson flew out as I started shuffling, so maybe just sharing this spread is justification enough.

Power + Growth: strong increase
Growth + Fair/Gray Haired Man: as this question doesn't involve another person, I'll go with developing maturity and wisdom.

Power + Growth influencing Hidden Enemy: giving into laziness will just increase its strength.
Growth + Fair/Gray Haired Man influencing Wealth: there's more profit in keeping up with my practice.

Hidden Enemy + Wealth: it's easy to get distracted by all the other time-killing options available to me.

Hidden Enemy + Wealth influencing Faith: misuse of my (suddenly abundant*) free time will snuff the candle of my Faith.

Faith: Stay strong and carry on carrying on. It will be worth it.

And now that the reading is complete, a look at the bottom card of the deck –
Spiritual: … yeah.

*In case you're reading this long after the event, this was during the time of COVID-19. #stayhome

The Answer Deck, by Nicky Zann, published by Running Press (1998).

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Random Reading - #74

In an attempt to keep this week's RR from straying into "that" territory*, I'm giving it some boundaries in the form of a Four Aces Spread.

This version consists of flipping through the deck looking for the four Aces, and then laying them down along with the three cards that follow (though for this reading I'm just going to use two). Those cards are then read with regard to the theme of their Ace. The order of the Aces could suggest a hierarchy of importance. Sometimes one Ace will be immediately followed by another and therefore have no cards associated with it, which would have its own significance. Intuit as you will.

Ace of Cups – 10 of Swords + 5 of Cups
Ace of Swords – 10 of Coins + Queen of Swords
Ace of Wands – 2 of Coins + Prince of Swords
Ace of Coins – 7 of Coins + Princess of Coins

The Ace of Cups jumped out, so clearly that one needed to be first!

In the spread we have four Coins (Disks for the Thoth purists), and yet their Ace is at the bottom – material concerns weigh heavily but there is little control; three Swords – significant mental challenges; no Wands – no meaningful movement; no Trumps – personal level; two tens – a time of resetting.

Cups: Relationships and emotions – The only Cup in the spread appears in the top line, with its Ace counterpart: predominant this week are feelings of overwhelm and distress.

Swords: Intellect and challenges – Your greatest strengths right now are your ability to remain clear-headed and creative, and to see through the faulty thinking of others and not be swayed by it.

Wands: Activity and passion – Things are in flux; any attempts to assert control over events are likely to be erratic and ineffectual.

Coins: Material concerns and power – All Coins: despite current setbacks there is the prospect of new opportunities.

Reading down the columns (not standard procedure, but it looked fruitful) – Now is not the time to try to make big changes; keep your heart and your eyes open to unexpected possibilities.

< < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < ◇ > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

*I suspect it wasn't that successful. 🙄

Mary K Greer's version of this spread applies a different significance to the order of the Aces, which I would find useful in readings for specific questions. Her post offers other possible sets of suit meanings to work with, as well.

Crowley “Thoth” Tarot – US Games, large-size trimmed

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Random Reading - #73

And now for something completely different.

Favomancy! Bean divination. 🙂

I learned this particular method from Dmitry Korolev: Divination by Beans (Favomancy)

You start by taking 41 dried beans (or large beads, small stones, etc.) and swishing them around on the table with both hands, to shuffle your intention/question into them. Then you split the beans into three piles by pulling them apart between your hands, and reduce each pile by counting, repeating the process three times to fill the grid. I’ll leave you to watch Dmitry’s video for the details, if you’re interested.

Let's begin with some bean shuffling ASMR. 😁  
This will be a general overview for *someone* over the coming week or so.

Generally speaking, odd numbers of beans are positive, even are negative.

First, we look at the main squares – Head, Hand, Heart and Foot -

Your Head space is generally good; maybe not 3-bean good, but not bad.

The Hand represents your prosperity, and works a little differently: more beans, more money; fewer beans, less money. Sorry, not a good week financially.

Two beans in the Heart square indicates some sadness is to be expected.

The Foot deals with things like travel and news, and here it’s positive – maybe not travel at the moment 🙁, so probably good news.

On to the rest of the squares –

Taking Income, Expenses and Hand all into account (unintentional pun) it looks like there won’t be any major changes to your cash flow (income and expenses both positive). It’s more likely you’ll be cautious about your spending - keeping only one bean in your hand!

Affairs of the heart is a 3-beaner, so that’s good. This square relates to the Heart + Expenses: positive - what sadness you may experience this week won’t be due to loss.

Returns: negative – something unsettling may reappear in your life this week, but with Departures: positive and the movement of the Foot, it won’t stick around long. If you’re prone to bouts of depression (the “sad” heart), it will pass quickly.

A 3-bean overview tells us that the week will turn out well but will require effort on your part to ensure that it does. So, keep a tight grip on your spending, get out for a walk if you can (Departures + Foot), or at least sit outside, and try to keep your spirits up.

** Stay home and wash your hands **

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Random Reading – Rebel Deck edition (including gifties 🎁)

I've given up on doing the usual RRs for now because the messages are all being influenced, unsurprisingly, by… current events.

So, in the immortal words of Shannon Gomez, creator of Rebel Deck: The Oracle with Attitude – "F*CK IT!" Let's have some "bad a$$" cards instead.

Don't wind yourself up over the stuff going on around you. You have zero control over that sh*t.

Focus your energy and emotional resources on doing the right things.

< < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < ◇ > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

Now to the gifties.

Shannon is giving her Rebel Coloring and Rebel Pages digital downloads away for FREE “during the COVID-19 crisis”. 👏👏👏

Stay home. Stay well.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Random Reading - deferred

It's no good. I tried to do another RR for the week (or whenever) ahead, and again it was overshadowed by the current global crisis.

It wasn't a "bad" or "scary" reading. It just stated the obvious. And I have no desire to add my feeble voice to the thousands out there already clamoring about this.

Instead, I've hand-picked these cards for all of us:

Just stay indoors, people, as much as you possibly can. For everyone's sake.